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New homes interior design ideas from Scotty Curthoys

Little bathroom design ideas from Scotty Curthoys

June 19 2017

Use Reflective Surfaces

Enlarging a little space is component delusion. Lights and mirrors are two key tools that, when used in combination with reflective surfaces, can make a smallish room feel larger. This contemporary bathroom uses reflective and light surfaces -- glass light fixtures, stainless steel hardware, and mirrors -- to produce a larger sense of space.


Create a Cozy Feel with Color

Selecting a single colour in several colours can make a sense of coziness. This miniature bathroom is enveloped by warm beige wall tiles just like a hug. A Mirror framework and a richly stained wood vanity add a little luxury. The tiny floor tiles add a splash of contrasting texture that keeps the space looking innovative and contemporary.


Stretch the Storage

If the miniature footprint of a toilet is maxed out, look up. Use a shallow or wall ledge that is recessed without eating up precious floor space to provide storage. In this little bathroom, an open vanity -- picked to maintain the space light -- demanded careful storage planning. A ledge along one wall offers display space for soaps that are pretty and cosmetic things. Above the ledge, a shelving unit shows miniature storage containers hand towels, and also other bathroom essentials.

Find the Right Size

Sometimes a little footprint dictates layout choices. And percentage and scale are crucial factors when working in a little space similar to this one. A classic- vessel sink and style faucet ensure the small counter space stays litter-free.

Use a Large Mirror

By creating the chimera of more space an area expands. Here, a sizable mirror over the dressing table reflects the wall reverse, making the restroom look. Leaving the mirror frameless also helps the illusion.

Small Bathroom Storage

Storage space is at a premium in modest bathrooms. See the best way to increase the space you have with a couple of clever tricks.

Create Drama

Does not mean it needs to be plain, just because a toilet is small. Play for immediate impact with shades as well as textures. This tiny powder room benefits from streamlined storage and a neutral color scheme. The tiled flooring, featuring rocks of varying sizes and colours, adds unique texture underfoot. A wooden mirror frame is a beautiful, nature-inspired focal point above the little dressing table.


Bathroom shower doors

Maximize Natural Light

Optimize the perceived size of a tiny bathroom by sharing space in the outdoors with the indoors. Here, access is provided by a big window to amazing, private views. Two large mirrors hung on opposite walls reflect the outdoor view and help the little bath feel open and airy.


Retain Views

An interrupted perspective is crucial to making a small space feel open and inviting. Here, a glass environment from feeling cramped and dark prevents the shower. The line of sight remains uninterrupted, both from inside and outside the shower.


Stand-Alone Storage

Add standalone storage in your little bath to aid organization and add lots of style.

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